The Law Firm provides advice in all fields of criminal law, starting with the preliminary investigations, through the trial phase, up to the executive stage, counselling, coordinating and updating company structures, elaborating, reviewing and implementing new organization models within corporations, and also supporting the prevention management of the critical areas regarding profiles of criminal matter.
Moreover, the Law Firm supports in the preventive management of critical areas concerning criminal law issues.

  • Food and Drug
  • Environment
  • Banks and Financial Brokers
  • Commercial Law
  • Industrial Production
  • Public Bodies’ Liability
  • Workplace Safety
  • Tax Regulation
  • Protection of Vulnerable People

In connection with such fields of experience, the Law Firm can also advise both companies and private parties in coordinating and managing the related administrative procedures and in the authorization and qualification procedures as well, including the related punitive proceedings.
Dealing with its assignments, the Law Firm constantly keeps direct contact with the clients in German, English, French and Spanish.